If we did not stick to the standards set by Ofgem, as our customers you will be entitled to compensation. 


Sometimes, one of our engineers might need to visit your property – either because you’ve asked us to send one, or so we can do what we need to as your energy supplier. When we visit, we promise:

  1. To give you a range of appointment dates to choose from, wherever possible.
  2. To give you an appointment date and time that’s convenient for you, to the best of our ability.
  3. Not to rearrange an appointment that’s less than one day away without your permission.
  4. To keep any scheduled appointment unless you cancel it or agree to a new date.
  5. To ensure the engineer has the right skills, qualifications, experience, and tools needed to do what needs to be done during the appointment.

If we’re late, or miss an appointment, or break any of the promises outlined above, we’ll pay you £30 compensation within 10 working days. If we fail to do that, we’ll pay you another £30 in a further 10 working days. 

We’ll pay you compensation unless there’s a dispute between us as to whether you are entitled to it. We’ll usually pay compensation as a credit to your energy account unless agreed otherwise.

Redirection of Payments 

There may be occasions when your local electricity network operator or gas network operator is required to make a payment to you under their Guaranteed Performance Standards which are set out below. This payment will be made to us and we then pass it on to you within 10 working days of the date that we receive it from the relevant network operator. 

If we fail to do this, we’ll pay you £30 within 10 working days. If we do not make this payment within 10 working days, we’ll pay you an additional £30 within a further 10 working days. Payments will be made as a credit to your account unless we agree otherwise. 

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