The Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme was introduced in 2011 and is a legal obligation for medium and larger energy suppliers to provide support to eligible customers. The incentive from energy suppliers is a £140 rebate against your energy bills for eligible customers. Energy suppliers with over 250,000 customers, must offer this scheme to those customers they have that are eligible. 

Green currently don't offer the Warm Home Discount scheme to customers, but our rates are cheaper than the Big 6 suppliers who do offer the WHD scheme. 

What is the Warm Home Discount scheme? 

The Warm Home Discount scheme, established by the government, was introduced to help people at risk from fuel poverty in the UK. The scheme has three elements to it; the Core Group, the Broader Group and Industry Initiatives. 

The Core Group assists less well-off pensioners through a direct rebate of £140 to their electricity or gas account - making it easier for them to pay their energy bills. If you receive Pension Credit Guarantee, you are eligible for the Core Group of the scheme. 

In the Broader Group, eligible suppliers will provide rebates to a broader group of customers who are in or at risk of fuel poverty. 

The Industry Initiatives part of the scheme allows suppliers to help fuel-poor customer through third parties - this may include energy saving tips and help with reducing any debts on your energy. 

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for this scheme, you can find full details on the Gov Uk website. 

Once our company grows and we have more of you on board, we will also be under an obligation to offer the Warm Home Discount scheme to our customers. Keep an eye out as we make sure we keep our website up to date with any industry information and changes in our business. Keep an eye out for any future updates on our “FAQ” and “Blog” section of the website. 

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