What is and MPAN and MPRN?

An MPAN and MPRN number are unique reference numbers for your gas and electricity supply. 

MPAN - this stands for Metering Point Administration Number and relates to your electricity supply.

MPRN - this stands for Meter Point Reference Number and relates to your gas supply. 

How to find what your MPAN and MPRN numbers are

You can find both unique reference numbers on a copy of a recent energy bill.

You will find your MPAN number on your bill in the below format:  the MPAN is the bottom part of it, so in this case 1212345678345

If you don’t have a previous bill, you can find out your MPAN by speaking to your local electricity distributor.

You will find your MPRN number on your bill in the below format: 

If you cant find it on your bill, you can search online for your MPRN by visiting Find My Supplier and entering your postcode.

If that fails, contact us with your full address and if possible a photo of your meter and we can look them up for you.

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