If there is a time that we need to send out an engineer to your home, we just thought we would let you know that we want you to feel safe - whether it be to carry out some repairs, replace a meter or check a fault you’re in safe hands. 

Here are the safety details all of our engineers will carry out when visiting a property:

  • Information on the company 
  • Their name
  • Proof of Identity (Name and ID number, including a coloured photo)

We will always make sure that anyone we send out to your property has the skills necessary to carry out the job, and is able to let you know who to contact if you have any further questions (for example, they will refer you back to Green if there’s any information we hold that you need).  

Our representatives will also use any password that you have agreed with us prior to entering your property, as a bit of extra assurance. 

The above information is there so that you are satisfied that the engineer is a genuine representative of Green. If you are still unsure and you would like to make sure, please call us on 0345 222 2525. 

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