While paying a fixed amount each month means your account will fluctuate from being in credit in summer and debit in winter, we want to ensure that after a year with Green, your account balance is close to £0. 

Your initial Direct Debit is set by the consumption you used when joining Green, either from what your previous supplier said on a bill or by using Ofgem average figures. 

When we conduct a review, we look at the below.

•         Your estimate annual usage in kWh
•         Your Tariff
•         Your account balance

Your estimated annual usage

Shortly after you become a member of Green we get your historic energy consumption for the last 12 months from your previous supplier and then after every meter read you provide we update this figure to ensure its as accurate as possible. 

It's very easy for the Ofgem average figures to be wrong as every house is unique.

These figures can however be inaccurate if:

•         You have recently moved home
•         You don't give regular readings
•         Your energy use is irregular (a second home)

Your Tariff

How much your energy costs depends on your tariff’s unit rate and standing charge. A unit rate is a price per unit of energy (pence per kilowatt hour) and if you’re on a fixed tariff, this won’t change during your contract. A standing charge is a price per day (pence per day) which will also be fixed during a fixed tariff.

We take your estimated annual energy usage and multiply this by your tariff rates for the next 12 months. We can now say how much your energy might cost in a year.

If your on a variable tariff, we only use the current rates, we don't predict how these will change in the future. 

Your Account Balance

If you’ve been underpaying, your account balance will be less than it should be, possibly in debit. We will suggest a payment that covers both your expected usage, as well as the shortfall that’s already happened.

If you’ve been overpaying by a lot, we will offer a refund as well as lowering your payment amount. For small over-payments, we will just lower your payment amount.

If you ever think your account balance is looking a bit low, you can top this up by a one off payment in our App.

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