We have introduced a simple, more accessible way to login to your account without needing to remember or even set a password.

To sign in on your mobile or tablet, you must firstly download our app. You will be able to download our app by clicking on any of the app links in your emails which look like this:

Once you have the app, you should see this screen below – just swipe your finger from right to left or click “swipe to get Started”

The next screen you see, will ask if you would like a quote, or if you have an account. Please click “I have an account.”

You will then see the below page. This will advise you to enter your email address. This must be the same email address that we have on your account – otherwise, this will not work. 

Next, simply click on the arrow button. 


You will then receive an email into your inbox like below – be sure to check your Spam and Junk mailbox.

Once you receive the email – click on Sign In and this will bring you back into the app. You will notice when you go into the app, it asks you to set a pin.

*It is important to remember this as this is how you will gain access in the future. 

In the next page you will be able to view your property, or properties, if you have more than one linked to your email address. This means you are able to view your details, enter meter readings, make additional payments and view your recent bills.

Let us know via our chat if you are still experiencing any problems in signing onto your account.

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