You can easily view your account by visiting our main page In the top right-hand corner, click sign. This will take you to our members page and ask you to enter your email address.

The email address must be the one that we have on your account – otherwise, this will not work. 

Once you have input your email address, simply click on the sign in button.

You will then receive a magic link in your inbox like below– be sure to check your Spam and Junk mailbox. 

Once you receive the email – click on the link that is included and voila! This will bring your account up, so you are able to view your details, enter meter readings, make additional payments and view your recent bills. 

If you would like to log in in future on the same device, just go onto our website, then click, sign in. Your account should appear straight away, without having to go through this process again.

Logging onto log in onto another device? Not a problem. If you sign in on a new device, then you will have to repeat the above process. This will not affect you logging in to the other device either.

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