You can change some of your personal information such as: 

Email address 

Contact telephone number

Via the website. This is because we understand changes can occur to your personal details now and again, so we want it to be convenient for you to change these. 

We do not allow changes to:

MPRN numbers

Home addresses 

Bank details on these platforms 

Updating the details this way is classed as an unsecured method and we are required to go through the correct processes to complete this. 

To complete a change to your personal information via the website, please follow the below steps:

First log in to the website so you can see the Welcome page. In the top right-hand corner, you will be able to see Home, Readings, Payments and Your Name. 

If you click on your name, the below page will appear:

You will then see the above screen. You can click on any of this to change the name, email address or contact number. Once you have changed this information, press the green button to “update Information.”

The information will take 15 minutes to update on the website. 

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