It's easy to fall into the trap of getting comfortable living a certain way, or doing little things such as leaving the fire on for a long time during the Winter months.

We've compiled a list of home energy saving tips that everyone can do, to help save some money. Some of these points may be common sense, but some things might surprise you.

• Only run your washing machine on a full load- economy settings or 30 degree washes useless energy too

• Take a shower instead of a bath- showers are usually faster, cheaper and more efficient than baths

• Turn down your thermostat- just one degree could save you money

• Run your heating for an hour less each day-this can add up to big savings over time

• Remember to check your radiators to see if they need bleeding. This removes any trapped air that stops them working as efficiently as they could

• Switch off the lights- if you won’t be in a room for a while, turn out the light

• Shut the curtains- this helps keep the warmth in the room- but don’t drape them over the radiators as that will trap the heat

• Turn off the gas fire- once you’re warm enough, turn it off

• Boil only as much water as you need

• Make toast in the toaster – it’s more energy efficient than the grill

• Fitting LED bulbs are a great way to save energy

• Keep saucepan lids on- this will keep the heat inside the pan

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