• If you are isolating, where possible arrange for a family member/friend to top up your key and/or card on your behalf
  • If this is not possible, please contact us and we can support you
  • Please keep an eye on your balance to prevent losing supply, you may want to consider topping up more than usual. You can top up a maximum of £49 per transaction on your key or card however it is possible to make multiple top ups in one visit to the shop. Your electricity meter can hold up to £255.99 and your gas meter can hold a maximum of £999
  • We offer a friendly, non disconnect policy on most electricity meters on Sundays and Bank Holidays, so if you run out of credit after 11pm your electricity will not go off until 7am the next day. This will allow you time to top up your meter. To find out if your meter supports this function and for more information click here

You may be at home more than usual and therefore using more energy, click here to read our energy saving tips.

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