The number on the screen will tell you how much you owe back to the meter. Emergency credit will always need to be paid back, this will be taken automatically from your next top up.

When you top up, remember you will need to put enough credit on your key/card to cover:

  • Any emergency credit you have used
  • Any missed standing charge or instalment plan payments
  • Any friendly non-disconnect energy you might have used before accessing your emergency credit
  • Your ongoing energy use
  • You will need to have at least £1 more than what is owed to the meter in order to reinstate supply

Remember ,your gas meter will do a 70/30 split and only take 70% of what you owe from your top up so it’s important to top up with enough to pay back what is owed to the meter.

If you are struggling to pay please read our energy saving tips which may be able to help you reduce your energy costs.

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