• Cheaper tariffs may be available for customers with a credit meter
  • To top up you will need to take your key/card to your nearest Payzone, Paypoint or Post Office (you are unable to top up your electricity key at a Post Office) and you will need to be able to safely access your meter
  • Your energy usage will be higher during the winter months so you will notice an increase in what you have to top up. To help with this you could top up slightly more than you need during the summer months to build up some credit
  • If you use your emergency credit and/or owe any debt, this will need to be paid back with your next top
  • If you are leaving the house for a prolonged period of time, you must remember to charge your key/card and keep your meter in credit to cover standing charge, any debt repayments and appliances that will be left on such as your fridge/freezer
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